Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just White Beans

It's a new year! That's exciting.

Two years ago, I resolved to start a blog.
Two years ago, I received The New Moosewood Cookbook as a Christmas gift.
Two years ago, I started this whole journey by making Vegetarian Chili and Mexican Corn and Cheese Bread.
Whoa! I've checked off so many recipes since then. It's been a messy, frustrating, and fun experience. Now, I can see the light at the end of the Moosewood tunnel.  Only a few more recipes to go!

My first recipe of the new year was Just White Beans. The recipe calls for white pea beans, but I couldn't find these anywhere, nor do I really know what they are. I opted for some Great Northern white beans. They worked well. Many people eat black eyed peas around this time of year, and those would work wonderfully in this recipe as well.

I started with my simple beans in a bowl.

Here's a more realistic photo of what's happening on the kitchen table these days.

Camera case. Charlie's football bowl game spreadsheet. Half burned tea candles. A dirty dime. Joy the Baker often includes these panned out shots and they always make me smile. Nobody's perfect!

After admiring my beans, I gathered the ingredients that make these beans worth writing home about.

Olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, parsley, dill weed, basil, black pepper and salt. "Dill weed" always makes me snicker, because I am actually 13 years old.

Minced the stuff! Pour! Sprinkle!

Stir! Give it a little taste to adjust the seasonings. Mmm, just right! The olive oil plays an important role here. It gives the beans a nice fatty flavor, but doesn't overpower the whole dish.

Beans, get ready for your closeup!

You can serve these beans on their own or with Pickled Red Onions. You choose. It's a new year, my friends!


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    1. Woo, now I can reply to comments. Just try this out. Hello Kirsten :*

  2. Yum yr face!! Are you enjoying the new year in the PNW?

    1. Yes! I am! Let's get together soon!

  3. I snicker at dill weed too! And if only my kitchen table were so free of clutter. These beans look good, I love simple recipes like this.