Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Swiss Cheese and Onion Soup

Swiss Cheese and Onion Soup is a very simple soup recipe that made me feel very accomplished after making it.  It's so creamy, so thick, and seems so complicated.  But it's not!  I actually amended this recipe by adding broccoli and spinach. I was so glad I did.  Charlie said that without these additions, this soup would have been "too white and rich." HA!  That's a fact, folks.

To start, I softened onions on the stove with garlic, salt, and dry mustard.

The broccoli went in.

The spinach went in.  Get in there!

The secret ingredients: horseradish and Marsala wine. The recipe actually calls for sherry, but my cupboard was bare, so Marsala it was. Marsala is so fragrant. It makes me fall in love with food every time it's aroma fills my kitchen!

Charlie shredded the Swiss cheese. He's an angel. A cheese angel.

After adding the cheese and stirring the soup, dinner was served!  And look who decide to show up, an old friend!


  1. ooo la la. i could go for a bowl of that right now!

  2. Come on over and I'll whip ya some up!!

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  4. I love that you added green vegetables to this. Why didn't I think of that??? Definitely an improvement. Thank you, Alli. xo

  5. No thank YOU, Mollie! I love cooking your recipes!!