Sunday, October 2, 2011

Feta-Walnut Dip

Feta-Walnut Dip isn't exactly a Saturday morning food ... but I went ahead and made it as I sipped on some green juice.

I started by toasting walnuts.

The walnuts went into the food processor with feta cheese.

Along with a clove of garlic, paprika, a little milk, and cayenne. I pulsed until everything was smooth.

You can almost see my jammy pant leg in that photo. Awesome!

I sprinkled some dried oregano on top and chilled the dip in the refrigerator for a bit. Then  I served the dip for lunch on a crispy baguette with bell pepper slivers. YUM! It's salty from the cheese and nutty from the walnuts. A delicious dip!


  1. This looks so good All! Pretty red peppers!

  2. Thanks, sweets! It was easy to make and soooo yummy!