Monday, September 19, 2011

Vegetable-Walnut Pâté

I didn't do anything today.

Well, that's not entirely true, I did exercise. And shower. And change a burnt out license plate bulb on my car. But beyond that, I have been savoring my last official day of summer break as best I can. Listening to music. Reading in the sun. And what would my last day be without a little Moosewood cooking, you ask?  Nothing, my friends. Nothing!

So today I made Vegetable-Walnut Pâté. It's a spread for raw veggies and crackers. The only description written with the recipe is that "It really does taste like chopped liver." Uh ... I have never had chopped liver in my life, but it sounds pretty retched. Thankfully this pâté came out beautifully and did not remind me in any way of stinkin' animal organs!

I started by cooking onion and green beans in a pan.  I also toasted some walnuts in a separate pan. Next time I think I will just do them all together, ya know? Save a pan.

After these are nice and soft, everything goes into the food processor: the green beans and onions, walnuts, along with a hardboiled egg, fresh lemon juice, a little dollop of mayonnaise, and black pepper.

The hardboiled egg helped make this pâté nice and smooth and added some protein too!

There is one other pâté recipe in the Moosewood Cookbook and I think I'll try it out real soon!

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