Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Open-Faced Blue Cheese Sandwich with Pears

I'm fried from a full day! Thought I'd quickly share an easy way to make a simple but complex tasting sandwich. I'm not big on blue cheese, but this Open-Faced Blue Cheese Sandwich with Pears caught my attention. It's part one in the two sandwich series "Blue Cheese Heaven" from the New Moosewood Cookbook.

Start by toasting a slice of your favorite bread. Mine, as I have mentioned, is Dave's Killer Bread.

Then combine equal amount of blue cheese, cream cheese, and toasted walnuts. Spread these on the bread.

Slice up a perfectly ripe pear. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the slices. Arrange them artfully. I chose the "ray of light" theme for mine.

Lastly, you put it in your face! This sandwich was filling. I just can't get into blue cheese though!  I'm gonna keep trying ... For my health!


  1. I used to own a cafe, and we served a sandwich -- very popular, once people grasped the potential of it :) -- of toasted sourdough, turkey, pears, blue cheese crumbles and a balsamic drizzle. SO good! We should all eat more funny colored cheese and fruit on our bread!

  2. Wow! That sounds groovy, minus the turkey for me, of course :)


  3. For your health! Do you watch Brules Rules?!

  4. I may or may not have watched ALL of the Brule's Rules in one sitting. Do you know about yr bones, Kirsten???

  5. I don't know about them! Very funny you say that though, bc just today I was thinking how I need to stop drinking so much milk bc I might get osteoporosis (yes, opposite what the milk campaigners say... there's something about not absorbing calcium too well..)

  6. Almond milk to the rescue! Do you make yr own cashew milk? I feel like you may have posted about that one time ...

    Here's a link! Please excuse the crappy ad in the beginning ...