Thursday, September 8, 2011


I always thought soup was something that was to be served hot, or at the very least, warm. Turns out cold soup can be quite refreshing, especially on a hot September evening.  I made Gazpacho on one such occasion.

Before I start the soup process, take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous tomato that's been ripening in the kitchen window for the last couple of weeks. It was deep green when it first came home, but now it's sorta tie-dye. So groovy.

I started the soup by measuring out tomato juice.

This soup required a ton of chopping, which was tough on my hands. Onion, garlic, bell pepper, cucumber, green onion, and parsley were all minced and added to the bowl.

Other delights that went in: honey, lemon and lime juice, red wine vinegar, tarragon, basil, cumin, olive oil, cayenne, and the aforementioned hippie tomato.  Everything got mixed up and chilled.

The soup had a very strong flavor, similar to salsa.  I didn't like it very much, but Charlie enjoyed it.  He reminded me that it counts as a veggie


  1. i've been craving soup, this makes it even worse!

  2. I have four or five more soups and then I will be DONE with the soup section of the cookbook! I might do one a week for the next few weeks :)