Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bread and Chocolate Pudding

Do you like bread?  Do you like chocolate? Then you will love Bread and Chocolate Pudding. The pudding part of this dessert is so minuscule; it's the bread and chocolate that really shine.  I dearly love my dearly beloved, and he LOVES chocolate. I decided to make this dish extra chocolatey, just for him.  I add some ... well ... you'll see:

That's right ... chocolate milk!  I mixed whole milk and chocolate milk together and reduced the sugar quite a bit.  It was a great success!

I started by cubing some seriously stale and frozen hot dog buns. It's OK to use stale and frozen in this case because the bread soaks up the pudding part like crazy!  Just think of it as thirsty bread.

Chocolate chips were sprinkled over the thirsty bread. Sprinkled generously.

Then I made the custard: egg, milk, sugar, a pinch of salt, and vanilla extract.

The custard is then poured over the bread and chocolate and then it goes into the oven!  Assembling this bread pudding takes about ten minutes and then it bakes for about 30 minutes ... then it's time to EAT!  It only seemed right to serve this chocolate dish with chocolate .... ice cream!!

In the words of my dearly beloved, "Fantastic."

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  1. Yea!!!!!!! I love the big smilies :D:D:D:D

  2. Heehee. Big smilies galore on this topic. Specially when some cream and or butter show up in the form of croissants or other creamy goodness!

  3. Mmm, maybe I should make this last bread pudding recipe with croissants instead of stale hot dogs. Mmm, girl, you got me thinkin'!!