Friday, February 18, 2011

Green Variation of Vichyssoise

Lunch today: the Green Variation of Vichyvoisse! Vichyssoise is a onion and potato soup with milk and cream, and to make it green, I steamed and added the following:

butter lettuce

Never before have I had such a gorgeous collection of greenery in a pot on my stove! I promise there's zucchini and such underneath:

While everything simmered and softened, I grated some cucumber and minced chives to sprinkle in each bowl.
I had an urge to be a little creative with the presentation of this soup. I wanted to see the contrast of the white potato part of the soup and the intense green of the steamed veggies.  What I created ended up looking like a fried egg with a green yolk, but I kinda like it.
After downing this bowl, I mixed the rest of the green and white soups together. I have plenty to store in the fridge for the weekend and am going to try freezing some to enjoy further down the road!