Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lentil-Bulgur Salad

Events leading up to the creation of Lentil-Bulgur Salad were not awesome... I dropped a big, expensive bottle of California olive oil, sending the shattered bits of glass all over the kitchen. I couldn't locate the salt and pepper shakers for the life of me. Oregano could not be found. It seems that this salad just wasn't gonna come together quite as expected, but somehow I pulled it off.

I used bright orange lentils for this salad. The color makes them look a little like cheddar cheese bits in the mix. Other chopped and minced ingredients included: garlic, fresh mint leaves, dill, Italian flat leaf parsley, red onion, red bell pepper, celery, feta, olives, and tomatoes.

The salad is an intense mix of flavors. The feta and olives remind me of pizza or the filling in a veggie gyro. It's a super yummy salad from the little bites I've tried. I plan to serve it for lunch tomorrow with some toasted whole wheat pita bread, per Mollie's suggestion. :)


  1. looks colorful and awesome!

    and i jusr noticed this is the same picture you used as the header of your blog ;)

  2. Yea! Great detective work. I just love all the comments from you, Ainsley! Thank you for taking the time to read :) XOXO