Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spinach and Carrot Purées

Wow, what a wild and weird winter it has been. Contrary to popular belief, I did not die, nor did I lose my favorite limbs (ahem, my legs) in a terrible sea accident, or get swallowed whole by one of my school instructors.

That last one almost happened though.

Truth is, I've been busy. Really fucking busy. Can I say fucking here? I think I just did. I finally set aside some time this morning to make two wondrous Moosewood recipes: Spinach and Carrot Purées. Previously, I have made beet purée and red pepper purée. Both were marvelous. If I really had my life together, I could have made all four of these purées at once, and lined them all up. Deep purple, bright red, spring green, and sassy orange. Granted, that'd only really be good for the photo opportunity and the four fresh purées would likely go bad in the refrigerator. It's a glamorous fact of food blogging, folks!

Let's hop to it. Isn't it fascinating how a giant handful of spinach cooks down to nearly nothing? I think so. After cooking the spinach on the stove, I whirled it up in the food processor with some cold, filtered water.

I added some garlic, salt, and pepper to it. And that was it!  Spinach purée!

Next up: carrot purée. This one required some roasting time in the oven for the carrots. While they roasted, I put the other ingredients in the food processor: garlic, dill, cumin, and a little lemon juice.  After they came out of the oven, the carrots cooled on my cutting board. 

Whenever given the opportunity, my friends, we must play with our food.

The carrots got whirred around with a squeeze of fresh orange juice too. Simply magical.

I think you'll really enjoy these vegetable purées. I'm planning to use them on all sorts of things: baked potatoes, fresh steamed veggies ... maybe I'll even dip a cracker or two in these fancy mashers. 

It's gonna get wild around here.

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