Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Moosewood and Life Update


It's been a bit of a crazy, stressful time around these parts. School is finishing up and Charlie and I are preparing to travel to New York City this weekend. I've had a heavy heart with the academic, family, and imaginary stresses and because of this, haven't had time to make any Moosewood delights! 
I will be back on the bandwagon next weekend with some wonderful dishes. This project is almost done! My goal is to have all of the Moosewood Cookbook recipes completed by the end of January 2012. I skipped over too many salad dressings in the beginning, and it's coming back now to bite my booty. Hot and cold soups have been completed, there's all but one entree (coming soon!), and am hoping to end with my very own pièce de résistance from the dessert section.
Stay tuned! Don't give up on me! Thank you for supporting me through this project!!


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