Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sautéed Vegetables with Blue Cheese on Toast

I have some apologizing to do.

I'm sorry I haven't updated this space.
I'm sorry these photos are so terrible.
I'm sorry that there's no blue cheese in this sandwich.

I promise that this sandwich is still totally delicious despite the crappy photos and lack of blue cheese. Do you forgive me?


Moving on.

I made Sautéed Vegetables with Blue Cheese on Toast yesterday. I used whole grain bread, cream cheese, and a sprinkle of Boursin cheese. I grated beets, minced broccoli, and sliced up an onion to put on top.
Anyone can make this sandwich! It's light but keeps you full and tastes much more complicated than it actually is.


  1. whoa, that looks delicious! that first photo is so colorful, it's making my mouth water!

  2. You are very nice and make feel better about the crappy lighting for these photos!