Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mushroom Strudel

This Mushroom Strudel was promising ... but it ended up being pretty gross.  I wish it had turned out better! It just tasted like crunchy chlorine and lemon. Yuck!

I dry cooked mushrooms on the stove.

After the mushrooms had cooked, I mixed everything up: mushrooms, cream cheese, sour cream, dill, salt and pepper, breadcrumbs, and lemon juice.  Something tells me these would have been great without the pesky lemon juice! Oh well. You win some, you lose some with a project like this.

So, unless anyone knows where I can get some grape leaves in Seattle, this is my last entree in the New Moosewood Cookbook! I still have the recipe for Stuffed Grape Leaves to do, but I am considering not doing it for two reasons: 1. I don't know where to buy grape leaves and 2. The filling is Greek Pilaf, which I have already made.  I'm on the fence!


  1. Have you tried Big John's PFI? I'm not sure they carry grape leaves, but I feeeel like they would do something like that. Good luck, I hope you finish strong!

  2. ugh ugh ugh, i want want want!!!

  3. You can only have it without the lemon juice!!

    And Kate! Thank you for the PFI idea! They definitely have grape leaves ... I'll get on it!!