Sunday, July 24, 2011

Macedonian Salad

This weekend I celebrated a fellow classmate's birthday at Golden Gardens. I made Macedonian Salad to share. The salad is comprised of roasted and marinated cubes of eggplant, which are then tossed with fresh veggies.

What comes first?  The eggplant, of course! Please note my chipping, home mixed nail polish and bounty of organic goodness. And the electrical outlet.

While the peeled and cubed eggplant roasted in the oven, I made the marinade: olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, thyme, basil, freshly minced garlic, salt and pepper.

One thing I love about where I live is this stupid little drawer. Seriously, I hate it and I love it simultaneously. It's a drawer inside a drawer and exactly in the spot where I'd like a REAL drawer to be. I had no idea what to put in it until I figured out that all of my spices fit perfectly in it ... with stacks of tea candles to prevent any rolling jars.

Did I lose you with my tangent?  Let's get back to the salad. The still warm eggplant marinated overnight in the dressing. It smelled outrageously divine, like a complicated garlic party.

Red and green bell peppers, fresh parsley, green onions, and heirloom tomato were chopped up and added to the salad.  It was a flavor explosion! I served the optional kalamata olives on the side. I'd love to put it in pita bread in the future.  The perfect beach party salad. That little sprinkle of sand is good for you!

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