Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Now that I know how wonderfully easy it is to make Pesto at home, you better believe I will always be making it this way!

I blended about three cups of basil leaves with five cloves of garlic in the blender.

... Except the blender couldn't handle all of the awesome that was happening inside of it! So, with Charlie's assistance, everything got transferred to the food processor. I highly recommend making this in a food processor! That thing is crazy powerful and mulched this pesto right up. I added some toasted walnuts to the mix and would love to try making this with pine nuts sometime.  After its food processor journey, parmesan cheese was folded in and everything chilled out in the fridge. Later that night, I put a little pesto on some toast to enjoy with our lasagna, as seen here in the upper left corner!