Friday, March 18, 2011


Spankakopita involves three really lovely ingredients: spinach, feta cheese, and phyllo pastry. Each one shares the spotlight splendidly in this crispy green entree.

I started by defrosting my phyllo pastry. I don't recommended unrolling before it has fully defrosted it like I did. It'll crumple and make you grumpy for at least a half an hour.

Here's my attempt at a Pioneer Woman style photo of the onions, basil and oregano, which turned out blurry and terrible:

There was a lot of spinach to chop:

And add to the pan:

Next, assembling the spanakopita! Sheets of phyllo, a little dish of oil, the spinach and feta cheese filling, and a nice pan:

I cut the spanakopita into squares (err ... rectangles) before baking it.

The result was a delicious dinner! Next time I will use a little less feta, as I think it was overpowering. I might use more spinach too, because spinach is just so gosh darned good!

I'd been saving this recipe for a special dinner with friends ... but wouldn't you know it, those plans fell through. Life seems to be throwing some serious curve balls lately in the form of school stress, car troubles, and another cycle of nomadic living. It sure is comforting to know that I can rely on cooking as a consistent partner and source of joy and satisfaction.


  1. I never know how to spell it fillo, filo, phylloh, phyllo?? :)