Friday, January 7, 2011

Waldorf Deluxe

I made Waldorf Salad for a school potluck the other night, but not just any Waldorf Salad... Waldorf Deluxe!

I started with three large and lovely organic Granny Smith apples. I love the tartness of these apples and often I eat them plain.  I was thankful for this hand apple slicer and corer as I sliced them up.

After dicing the apples and mincing the celery, I cubed some cheddar cheese and toasted pecans. The dressing had four ingredients: plain yogurt, a skosh of mayonnaise, orange juice, and orange zest.

I should also note here that there were two ingredients I left out: grapes, as they are not in season, and dates, because I made a mistake! I had some dates, but I most not have stored them properly, because they were very dry when I went to mince them up. A bummer, because they are like candy fruit to me, but I will surely make this salad again and add them next time.

Since I was serving this salad at a potluck, I wanted to be sensitive to the varying diets of my fellow classmates. I decided to serve the salad deconstructed.

I thought the salad was quite good! I am glad I served it this way as I like a lot of apples, but just a little bit of yogurt dressing. The cheese and pecans were a nice addition too.

I am glad everything traveled well as I transported it to school that night!

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