Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stellar Mushroom Sauce and Cauliflower and Carrots

Tonight I made Stellar Mushroom Sauce to spoon over pasta and Cauliflower and Carrots as a side dish.

The mushroom sauce reminded me of a vegetarian stroganoff. Very dense, creamy, and strong mushroom flavors. For this recipe, I used dried black mushrooms, button mushrooms, and shiitakes.

The mushrooms cook down with onion and dry sherry wine. I love the smell of sherry wine as it cooks on the stove! It smells rich and wonderful and reminds me of times my mom cooked with it when I was little.

After the mushrooms and onions cooked down, I added a little flour, garlic, black peppers, some residual mushroom liquid, and (the best part)... sour cream! Mmm. The pasta, mushroom sauce, and a sprinkling of parmesan were delicious. I picked out some of the black mushrooms, because they were a little too chewy for me, but overall, I liked it.
Instead of pan cooking this Cauliflower and Carrots recipe, I opted to roast the pan in the oven. I am glad I decided to do this, I actually had never roasted cauliflower before, but have seen funny people on TV do it. The veggies were roasted with olive oil and salt, then topped with fresh black pepper and freshly picked basil. Mmm! The carrots got really sweet in the oven, and the cauliflower was perfectly softened. Next time I will use less oil, but I was quite pleased with how this veggie dish turned out!

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