Friday, July 9, 2010

Stuffed Artichoke with Greek Pilaf and Greek Lemon Sauce

Stuffed Artichoke with Greek Pilaf and Greek Lemon Sauce!

Here's how it all went down: started by making Greek Lemon Sauce. Blended silken tofu with a little salt, lemon juice, and white pepper. The sauce was a little plain but was a nice dip for the artichokes.

Artichokes were steamed and the center most part was pulled and scraped out. You know that fiberous part right above the heart? Yea, that had to go.

Steamed brown rice and cooked onion, garlic, and celery with sunflower seeds, lemon juice, and black pepper. Minced parsley and onion. Mixed everything together and spooned into artichokes. Devoured! An amazing, dairy free dinner. Super garlicky and fresh and healthy!


  1. this looks (and i bet tastes) seriously delicious! i would love to be eating this RIGHT NOW!

    Artichokes are my favorite food, but I rarely stuff them (wish I did more!). This stuffing mix that you used sounds so yummy. Definitely trying!

  2. Do it girl! It was a refreshing summer dinner, as I recall. While this was pretty to look at and delicious... I still love artichokes with melted butter :)