Friday, June 18, 2010

Yogurt Pie with Berry Sauce

I was able to check three recipes off my list with this go around: Yogurt Cheese, Yogurt Pie, and Berry Sauce.

Yogurt Cheese is made from a regular batch of yogurt, which is left to strain overnight. The result is extra rich and creamy yogurt. It taste like Greek yogurt but isn't nearly as fattening!

Yogurt Pie uses yogurt cheese with a little sugar and vanilla mixed in. I poured this into a sweet crumb crust and served it with Berry Sauce. I spilled about a third of this sauce, a third of it got stuck in the strainer, and the last third was used to drizzle on individual slices of Yogurt Pie. This pie is RICH but doesn't make me feel nearly as guilty as cheesecake.

(My apologies for the crappy photos in this post. I dunno what the deal is!)

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