Thursday, May 27, 2010

Perfect Protein Salad

Perfect Protein Salad has two ingredients I had never cooked with previously: dry soybeans and wheat berries. I have tasted spelt berries before, back when I worked in the deli of a natual food market, and I loved them. Wheat berries are quite similar. I bought both items in the bulk section of aforementioned natural food market and soaked them overnight. This morning, I simmered them for about an hour and a half until they were tender but still maintained a subtle crunch.

After cooking the protein components, I minced garlic, parsley, green onions, carrot, cucumber, bell pepper, celery, and radish. Added these to the bowl and then completed the salad with apple cider vinegar, dill, a skosh of homemade mayonnaise, cottage cheese, salt, and pepper.

The salad is dense and crunchy and fills you up fast! I had a small bowl with tomato slices on top. Fresh and munchy-crunchy and oh so lovely.


  1. It is quite delicious! I suppose I should eat some with my pizza right now... ya know, for a little balance!!!