Friday, March 5, 2010

Thai Salad and Whole Wheat Pitas

Last night Dianna and I made Thai Salad and Whole Wheat Pitas. It was a really good meal: filling, but not rich! The salad components were: romaine lettuce, carrot, bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, potato, hard boiled egg, tofu, fresh basil, and a lemon wedge. I had never had cooked potato in a green salad before and I really liked it! The dressing was peanut butter based with a little salt, honey, garlic, and spices in it. While it was a little too runny, it flavored the salad well.

The pitas ended up being a little crispier that anticipated, but totally delicious. Pita bread is one of those things I never really thought to make from scratch. But it was so stinkin' easy to do (yeast, water, honey, salt, flour) that I will make them myself instead of buying them at the grocery store from now on!

Additionally, check out these adorable Norwegian napkins we used with dinner. Dianna translated for us: "Welcome to our home." Perfect!

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