Monday, March 29, 2010

Caribbean Dream Pie

The weather in Seattle today has been dreary; lots of rainy and strong winds and gloomy skies. A perfect day to transport yourself to a warm, tropical place with Caribbean Dream Pie.

I started by making a crust with graham crackers, pecans, coconut flakes, and butter. Then I assembled the pie filling by slicing mango and bananas. Then I combined sweetened condensed milk, lime juice, and lime rind, and whisked this until it was thick. After the crust baked in the oven and cooled, I layered the fruit and poured the lime mixture on top. There was a little extra crumb crust, so this was sprinkled over the whole thing.

After letting the pie chill for about an hour, it was time to give it a taste. All in all, the pie was a little too sweet for me. I loved the lime flavor though!


  1. Sweetened condensed milk is my favorite!! I am not a huge mango fan though. I might try to create a variation on this one!
    Thanks for sharing, Melyssa

  2. Yea! Maybe you could use papaya or guava instead? Let me know how it goes :)