Sunday, February 28, 2010

Satyamma's Famous Cauliflower Curry and Banana Raita

Friday night I made Satyamma's Famous Cauliflower Curry with Banana Raita. It was my first time making curry. The sauce was a blend of shredded coconut, mustard seed, garlic, ginger, toasted peanuts, tumeric, cloves, sesame seeds, and cayenne. It was spicy and delicious.
The curry sauce was added to cauliflower, carrots, and onion and simmered on the stove for a while. We served the curry over rice, with cucumber, raisins, orange slices, toasted coconut, and toasted sesame seeds on the side.

I also made Banana Raita for the curry. Raita is "a yogurt preparation with small amounts of seasoning and a hint of fresh grated vegetables. It is designed to cool and relax the palate between bites of heavier, more intensely seasoned dishes." (Thanks Mollie!) The banana recipe came from the original Moosewood Cookbook and was really nice. It had a sweet, but not too sweet, banana flavor and a hint of spice at the end. Overall, a curry success and really nice dinner! I am looking forward to making the other curry dishes in this book.

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