Friday, January 22, 2010

Moosewood Fudge Brownies

The house was filled with the warm, chocolaty scent of Moosewood Fudge Brownies yesterday afternoon. This was my first attempt at a Moosewood dessert and the brownies turned out nicely. I am not hugely into desserts, but I do like to dabble in the science of baking.

The brownies called for melted, unsweetened chocolate, and I unfortunately had to improvise with cocoa powder. Maybe the brownies would have come out fudgier had I been able to locate unsweetened chocolate at the grocery store. They ended up being fairly cakey, which some people like, but I prefer a fudgier brownie :).

The recipe requested that I cut into the brownies will they were still hot, something I have never done before. It seemed to work well and the brownies came out of the pan easily once cooled. As I said before, I am not hugely into desserts, so I think I will dole out these treats to friends instead. That being said... would anyone like a brownie?!

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