Sunday, January 24, 2010

Calzones with Spinach Cheese Filling

Last week, Charlie and I made Calzones with Spinach Cheese Filling. The crust was crunchy and light and the filling was perfectly cheesy and full of leafy spinach flavor. Calzones are a labor intensive endeavor but being able to eat the finished product is particularly fulfilling reward.

We started by making Moosewood's basic calzone dough. It was simple enough: yeast, a little sugar, water, salt, and flour. The dough had to rise for about an hour and during that time we prepared the filling. Onions, garlic, spinach (We used chopped frozen, which was thawed and pressed dry on paper towels), spices, and lots of salt and pepper came together on the stove. We then mixed this with ricotta, mozarella, and parmesan cheeses. Next, we assembled! To start, Charlie rolled out the dough.Then we filled each circle of dough with spinachy cheesy goodness. Crimping the edges and getting each pocket to stay sealed was a little challenging and the oven got a liiiiiittle smokey in the final moments of baking... but overall, we did well!Calzones with Spinach Cheese Filling, a little marinara sauce for dipping, apple slices, and a fresh green salad. Perfect!


  1. Ummm...YUM. These look scrumptious! Friend, sorry I have not yet returned your call. Everything has gone crazy at once. I am actually moving out TOMORROW (this was just decided today), so perhaps some night next week you could come over and we could break in my new kitchen? I'll give you a call soon.

  2. That sounds great. I'll send some good moving vibes yr way and will look forward to yr call! XOXO