Friday, April 1, 2011

Cottage Cheese & Apple Pancakes

These pancakes were easy to make and tasted delightful. Though Cottage Cheese & Apple Pancakes are not typically a dinner item, my family humored and indulged me.

I began the magical journey of Breakfast For Dinner by stiffening egg whites, which were then set aside. Yolks, a heaping spoonful of cottage cheese, flour, lemon juice, cinnamon, salt, and a drizzle of honey went into a bowl with shredded apple.

I wasn't sure if I needed to peel the apple first, and after consulting with my mother, decided to leave it on, for color and textural purposes. Apples are sort of strange to grate. I just used a standard, hand held grater, and the apple flattened and oozed juice everywhere as I grated. If there is a better technique out there, I am, as they say, all ears.

Moving on: I folded in the egg whites and cooked the pancakes in a lightly oiled pan. They turned out brown and lovely, like a sandal.

Although the recommend toppings of yogurt and berry sauce sounded real nice, my family and I opted for the classics: syrup and butter.

The pancakes were tender and textured. I enjoyed the fine flakes of apples scattered throughout. Next time I might leave out the cottage cheese, as it was a little sour with the syrup. These pancakes were an excellent way to incorporate two unlike ingredients into an ordinarily nutritionally insignificant meal!

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