Monday, May 17, 2010

Kristina's Potato Salad

Ya know, sometimes I just get too caught up in the moment, and that's when I forget to take a picture of my Moosewood creation. Kristina's Potato Salad fell victim to one such occasion. I was at a BBQ, enjoying the heck out of it, when I realized I needed to document the recipe. The above image is its product. Sorry guyz.

The potato salad itself was quite delicious, however awful it may look in the photo. Lots of parsley, tons of veggies, gorgeous pink new potatoes. If Kristina hadn't already claimed this salad, I would call it "garden vegetable potato salad." Pretty fresh, huh? It was delicious. I even snuck in a few fresh peas. And that Homemade Mayonnaise I made the day before got put to good use. Oh man, that mayonnaise. I am seriously wondering why I never made it sooner. Fantastic stuff!

And here, further documentation of aforementioned salad. On a paper plate, in a dimly lit room, being held by an unsteady (but awfully good looking) hand. I've got a real future in photography.

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