Wednesday, April 28, 2010


After having a delightful bowl of Minestrone this weekend on the island, I decided to give it a go here at home. I strongly believe that the quality of the ingredients I used played a big role in making it so delicious!

The veggies in this soup were all wonderful: carrot, celery, onion, garlic, zucchini, bell pepper, and kidney beans. I thought the zucchini was a particularly nice choice and I am looking forward to having some grow in my garden this summer!

I topped the soup with Parmesano-Reggiano. This is one of my all time favorite kinds of cheese! I learned from Giada De Laurentiis that cheese is at its peak flavor if served at room temperature and I believe that doing so made for a more delicious soup!


  1. This soup looks like a good friend come to town and eager to catch up. It's raining in Utah, and minestrone sounds oh so right for a precipitous evening.


  2. Alli, your blog is so fun! Thanks for reminding me of it on Facebook. A good friend of mine also has a food blog, She is a trained pastry chef from California, currently living in London with her husband. Check it out! She travels all over Europe on the weekends and always has amazing pictures and recipes.

  3. Thanks for the lovin' guys! Lena, I will check out yr friend's blog right now! XOXO