Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raw Vegetable Salad with Very Green Dressing

Mollie Katzen writes that "most vegetables can be eaten raw if cut properly... chewing is light and delightful and not a cumbersome chore. Visually, Raw Vegetable Salad can be beautiful, like edible confetti." This makes my heart sing. As someone who has a love/hate relationship with salad, I found that sticking to her instructions and cutting the vegetables smaller than I normally would made the salad much more enjoyable.

I made Very Green Dressing for the salad. It is an oil free dressing with many fresh herbs and a touch of buttermilk. The ingredients were whipped up in the food processor and spooned over the salad. While the dressing was a tad bitter, it was still tasty. I even dipped a little whole wheat pita bread in the dressing. Mmm!

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