Thursday, January 14, 2010

The New Moosewood Cookbook

Did you know? The New Moosewood Cookbook is completely vegetarian. I feel like a real heel for not including this tremendously important fact initially. Here is a link to the Moosewood Wikipedia Page which has some great facts about the book. "Likely the most popular vegetarian cookbook in the world" ... flippin' dope!

Additonally, this blog's name "A Happy Taste" comes from a young reviewer of Mollie Katzen's Pretend Soup. A little girl named Emma tasted one of the recipes and proclaimed, "This is a happy taste!" I think it's the perfect description for healthy, wholesome, delicious, nutritious food which is certainly what I am creating and writing about here.

Now, while I am not what you would consider a full-time vegetarian, I have dabbled in this dietary delight for over 10 years. I LOVE vegetarian cooking. When I go out to eat, I immediately look for veggie items. I do crave meat from time to time, especially in the summer. But for the most part, I am meat free. Cooking from the Moosewood is a great way for me to stay on that track throughout the year, since there are so many spectacular summer recipes. Hey summer, hurry up!

We'll get to them kids, in due time.

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